San Diego Bound

So, I’m in San Diego for the next few months working and performing. It’s so good to be back down here. I’ve missed it. Keep checking back as I’m working on dates/locations for shows. Hopefully folks aren’t booking TOO far out…

Venues in Ventura County? Know of any?

PS Anyone know of some good venues in Agoura Hills/Westlake Village/Thousand Oaks?

Welcome to the New Site!

Being a musician, camera operator, editor, jewelry designer—oh and a mom…you would think I could get this whole thing down: the blog, booking gigs, etc. I just surfaced from the holidays, with a new album and a huge hangover. By hangover I don’t mean from drinking too much but more a holiday hangover. I love this time of year…but I’m exhausted.

Enough complaining. I’m so glad you’re here and reading this and hopefully enjoying the album. I’ve never blogged before, so this is yet another new venture of mine ☺ anyway, less chatter…more later…